Objective of Demand Network Mapping©:  Organizations designed along traditional linear supply-chain relation­ships will not survive in the 21st century. Today's leaders must think instead in terms of demand networks in which their members’ customers, not the mem­bers themselves, command the focus of association business planning. Demand Network Mapping identifies businesses, institutions, and even government agencies who benefit when you succeed, even if they never directly consume your products or services and help  you to expand capacities, market reach, and revenues by engaging the resources of others.
Demand Network Mapping©
Using the findings from an analysis of your customers’ markets, Change Management Solutions is able to create Demand Networks, consumer-centric market models to identify new members, customers, and partners who can help your association meet your members’ changing needs. 
While traditional linear supply-chain models leave customers on the margin waiting for whatever is delivered, Demand Networks’ matrix approach place your members’ consumers and clients in the center encircled by complementary relationships by private sector firms, government agencies, and other nonprofits who benefit from your members’ success. 

By examining the members’ markets, as part of a larger kaleidoscope of customer relationships, Demand Network Mapping© uncovers partners and competitors that otherwise go unseen. New customers and new value relationships that create new competitive advantages suddenly emerge.  You can watch Rick O’Sullivan’s presentation on Demand Network Mapping, at the 2009 Association Congress in London by clicking on the following link: (2009associationcongress).

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