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Nathalie Davis-Haslbeck
Cultural Liaison/Trainer

Nathalie Davis-Haslbeck is a Franco-American raised in a bilingual environment in France, although she considers French her mother tongue. She holds a B.A. in International Studies and French and a Master’s in French, both from the University of Maryland and a Master’s in Teaching from Notre Dame (Baltimore, MD). She has also trained as a professional translator of both French-to-English and English-to-French.

Professionally, Ms. Haslbeck served as an International Emergency Consultant for Europ Assistance Washington, providing technical services to address immediate critical needs for business, governmental, and personal clients. In healthcare, these services included identifying and accessing emergency medical services in foreign countries, providing translation services for U.S.-based and foreign medical teams, and arranging for emergency medivac services.

In addition, working closely with U.S. and foreign legal services, she coordinated client interactions with U.S. embassy personnel and local governments, secured bail funds and managed the logistics of repatriation for Americans arrested in foreign jurisdictions. In the days before electronic banking, Nathalie also identified secure channels for the transfer of emergency financing.

In this position, Nathalie had to quickly developing an understanding of local laws, criminal procedures, medical policies and capacities, and financial services systems. She provided both translation and cultural interpretation services to professionals in both the U.S. and host countries to coordinate service and care. Because of adept abilities to assess situations on the ground and coordinate multi-lateral responses, she was quickly promoted to a supervisory position.

Most recently, Ms. Haslbeck has served as a foreign language instructor at the high school and college levels and provides private tutoring and translation assistance. She is fluent in English, French, and highly proficient in Spanish.