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Erin O'Sullivan, Environmental
Research Analyst

Erin O'Sullivan is a Climate Media Manager at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), one of the nation's leading environmental advocacy organizations.  She contributed to EDF's media relations during the passage of the House's Climate Bill in 2009 and helped publicize the Alliance to Save Energy's E.E. Global "07, an energy efficiency world fair.  O'Sullivan served as a U.S. Youth Delegate to the 2009 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark on behalf of SustainUS, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization advancing sustainable development and youth empowerment. In addition, she helped establish the DC Youth Environmental Alliance and coordinate its first Youth Summit, giving DC's youth the skills, confidence and knowledge to become environmental leaders in their own schools.

O'Sullivan earned a BA from American University in Communication, Law, Economics and Government in 2008.  Possessing a life-long passionate for the environment (that’s her on the National Capitol grounds after completing the 300-mile Climate Ride in 2009) O'Sullivan has advocated for smart, eco-friendly policies as the president of her high school and college sustainability groups as well as through internships with non-profits, for-profits, outdoor education centers and a gubernatorial campaign.

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