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Şirin Koprucu is an international business consultant who specializes on effective global business conduct. Prior to founding StrategicStraits Inc at www.strategicstraitsinc.com she gained extensive experience in international business by working as a marketer and trainer in the pharmaceutical and health communications industries.

At StrategicStraits, Inc. Şirin Koprucu helps international organizations gain their global identity and use their resources effectively. She believes that global organizations thrive when they can speak to universally respected values and convey trustworthiness. Adopting cultural awareness and strong cross-cultural communications skills as company competencies enables successful global organizations to build and reflect this trustworthy identity. Şirin runs cultural competence workshops based on her published 7 principles of building and maintaining trust across cultures to give the participants the opportunity to develop their cultural competence in relation to their work and offers consulting services to help companies integrate the “culture” factor strategically (e.g. customer service).

Şirin Koprucu holds an MBA Degree with specialization in marketing from Eastern Michigan University and an undergraduate degree in business from Istanbul University.  She received her training in intercultural communications at the Interchange Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.  She’s in her fourth year as a faculty member at Center-U, ASAE’s online learning center, conducting courses for marketing management, professional development management, leadership skills for CEOs, and is a frequent speaker on trusted cultural competence at various conferences including the 10th Intercultural Management Conference at American University.

Sirin currently lives and works in Washington, DC.  Prior to coming to the United States, Şirin lived and worked in the U.S., Turkey, UK , Switzerland and Germany and speaks Turkish, English and German.  She has more than 20 years of experience in communicating with people from different country origins.

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