Alternative Futures Scenario Building
Scenarios are increasingly common but rarely mastered tools. Scenarios should help organizations examine different and even contradictory outcomes which challenge the conventional wisdom of the market.  However, most scenario exercises revolve around politically correct best-case/middle-course/worst-case choices that guide the user to the least challenging outcome.  To really be effective, scenarios must challenge conventional wisdom and force decision-makers to confront their worst fears as well as their grandest hopes. 

Scenarios also suffer from random threads of ideas thrown into different futures, without consideration for their cross-correlations, resulting in surreal futures in which contradictory phenomena appear in the futures compromising the viability of any conclusions.  With both breadth and depth in industry analysis and public policy, Change Management Solutions creates futures that are internally consistent, credible, support viable decisions.

Objective of Alternative Futures Scenario Building: Scenario planning reduces the risks of long-term planning and decision-making by helping participants to evaluate how they should respond to different future outcomes. By determining what you should do the same or differently, as a result of different futures, you identify the safe bets, those actions you find you need to take, regardless of what happens, and the game changing events and conditions that require you to take very different courses.
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